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Trips and Slips


Trips and slips happen every day. Some accidents may cause more embarrassment than injury but it’s not uncommon for people to suffer serious soft tissue injuries, broken bones or even head injuries.


Examples of slips and trips where public liability insurance is available to compensate the victim include:

  • Spillages left on the floor at work
  • Badly maintained or cluttered walkways or footpaths at work
  • Badly fitted carpets or flooring at work
  • Spillages or obstructions in shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs, museums or other buildings where the public may enter
  • Accidents when visiting a friend’s house or tenanted premises
  • Council maintained footpaths and roads.


With all accidents of this type, it’s necessary to show fault or blame and compensation is not awarded automatically. The seriousness of the defect will be important as will the length of time that is has been allowed to exist.

It is vital with these claims to take photos of the location and to report the accident. Better still, if your accident has been witnessed or if you were helped after the accident, try to obtain names and addresses. One of the main reason why claims fail to progress is the lack of evidence.

If we think you have a valid claim, we will help you investigate what has happened and fight for you to receive compensation.





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