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10Friday 04 March 2016

10 Things You Need To Do If You Are Involved In An RTA In Swindon

Swindon has its fair share of Road Traffic Accidents. The Magic Roundabout confuses many drivers and Thamesdown Drive has been named the most dangerous road in Swindon. Accidents are often caused by people not concentrating, by looking at their phones, talking to passengers or by drivers taking risks due to road rage and urgency. Often it is the innocent, careful drivers who suffer as a consequence of their actions. If you unfortunately are involved in an RTA through no fault of your own, these are the top ten things you need to do:


  • Identify the location, note down road or roundabout name.
  • Also take photos of the accident location.
  • Use your phone to photograph the damage to both your vehicle and the other party if possible. 
  • Write down the number plate of the vehicle involved. Write down any details of the car you can; what make and model was it? What colour was it?
  • Try exchange as much information with the driver as possible such as; name, telephone number, home address, car insurers.
  • Exchange details with any witnesses such as telephone numbers or email addresses.
  • Try to note a clear description of the driver, were they male or female? What coloured hair did they have?
  • Keep all receipts for any expenditure you incur as a result of the accident, such as prescription charges, damaged clothing, new motorbike helmet
  • Do not dispose of any goods that were damaged in the accident. Whilst it may be tempting to throw away the broken equipment remember an insurance company will want to see it if your claiming for it.


If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, speak to a specialist solicitor. The advice above should help your personal injury claim proceed with ease. Call SAS today on 01793 425595


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