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BadThursday 30 November 2017

Bad news from the government - securing compensation after a road traffic accident gets tougher from 2018.

Making a claim for an injury following a road traffic accident will be considerably more difficult after October 2018, demonstrating once again that this Conservative government and the insurance industry seem determined to discourage or stop claims altogether.

To that end, Theresa May’s government has created a special category of road traffic victim who will receive much less than most other people who have accidents. If you suffer from a soft tissue injury like whiplash and the claim could currently be worth up to £5000 you will find change is on the horizon. After October 2018 you will no longer be able to get help from a solicitor with a claim as your legal costs are not recoverable from the person who caused the accident or their insurance company.

The government’s attitude seems to be ‘Good luck sorting it out on your own’. It is an attitude Swindon Accident Solicitors deplores. If decades’ experience helping innocent victims of road traffic accidents has taught us one thing, it’s that victims have a far better chance of securing fair compensation if they have professional support.

If you decide to try and run your own claim after October next year you will have to deal with the third party and the insurance company yourself, not to mention arrange your own government approved medical report. Then at the end of a successful claim, you will receive a fixed tariff payment for your injury.

Despite making record profits in 2017, the insurance industry is counting on you not being bothered to claim. In return, they say, your car insurance premiums will go down. We all look forward to seeing how that pans out in the real world.

Swindon Accident Solicitors will be joining other professional bodies and accident claims specialists in urging the government to rethink a policy that puts more money into the pockets of the UK’s insurance giants at the expense of innocent motorists.

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