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BehindWednesday 14 March 2018

Behind the scenes with Swindon Accident Solicitors’ Head of Accident and Injury Compensation.

In 18 years at Swindon’s leading specialists in accident and injury compensation claims, Robert Millbourn has forged a reputation as the local legal expert in his field. His ability to handle both high-value complex cases and less severe injuries is widely recognised, and he has become the ‘go-to’ person for anybody who has suffered an accident at work or on the road.

But what exactly does his job involve? “My clients come to me injured and often worried about how they are going to obtain the best medical help, pay their bills and get back to work,” says Robert. “Added to this they will have no idea about making a claim for compensation or what money they are likely to receive. I guide my clients through the claims process to ensure that they receive the maximum compensation that they deserve.”

Robert admits that his is a challenging role, but it can also bring great satisfaction. “Accidents and entitlement to compensation is not always straightforward. I enjoy the challenge of investigating a claim, often reconstructing the circumstances of an accident to prove who was responsible. You can never underestimate how awkward insurance companies can be in trying to avoid legitimate claims.”

“I strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for all of my clients and it’s always a real pleasure when a case is concluded, and the client has been awarded the compensation they deserve.”

The nature of Robert’s job means he also deals with some genuinely tragic cases. “Dealing with fatal accident claims is always challenging. I am committed to providing legal expertise and supporting claimants through the claims process as compassionately as possible.”

“I also can take over cases from other firms where clients become worried about why their claims are failing to progress. Problems are often caused when difficult cases are given to unqualified and unskilled support staff. If I take on a case it stays with me until it’s concluded correctly.”

So what kind of advice would Robert give to a person who has been injured in an accident that was not their fault? “I would always suggest seeking face-to-face advice from a qualified solicitor, ideally one like Swindon Accident Solicitors that offers free initial advice. Avoid relying on remote TV schemes and claims management companies where you will have no idea who is helping you.”

“People often don’t see themselves as entitled to make a claim. ‘I was only the passenger/pedestrian/cyclist and don’t have insurance’. Or ‘my manager says I’m not allowed to claim because the accident was my fault’. Very often people’s perceptions of who is entitled to claim are out of step with reality, but a simple phone call or meeting will explain if you have a claim.”

To make things even more complicated, the legal landscape for personal injury claims is changing in a way that will have a direct impact on the victims of road traffic accidents. “New government legislation planned for the end of 2018 will raise the small claims limits for road traffic cases to £5,000 and put in place fixed tariffs for soft tissue injuries following road traffic accidents,” says Robert.

“Both of these developments will deter the innocent victims of accidents from bringing claims. It will be a challenge to make economic sense of the new process making it even more important to go directly to an expert solicitor, and nothing beats a personal consultation.”

“Swindon Accident Solicitors doesn’t act for clients that we cannot see in person. By listening to you carefully and finding out the exact details of your individual case, we can explain the processes involved in making a claim in plain English, and ultimately get you the compensation you deserve.”

If you have been the victim of an accident that was not your fault and would like to discuss the claims process and possible compensation, please contact Robert Millbourn directly on 01793 610466.


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