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ClaimingFriday 21 April 2017

Claiming Compensation for Workplace Accidents – Swindon Accident Solicitors reveal how to get your claim started.

According to recent statistics from Britain’s Health and Safety Executive, 1.3 million people suffered from work-related illnesses last year. That translates into 30 million working days lost in 2016 due to work-related illness and workplace injury. Most shockingly, 144 UK workers were killed in their place of work.

In a significant number of workplace accidents, the victim is not at fault and therefore has a right to compensation. There is no getting away from the fact that personal injury law is complicated, but experienced personal injury specialists can help make the process of making a claim more straightforward.

“If you’re unfortunate enough to have suffered an accident at work your chances of making a successful claim are stronger if you can present a clear and concise picture of what happened,” says Swindon Accident Solicitors’ Robert Millbourn, a personal injury lawyer who has been making successful claims on behalf of clients in Swindon for more than 20 years.

“We would need to know the date of the accident, exactly where it took place, how it happened and contact details for any witnesses. We would also need to know the details of your injuries, the medical diagnosis and treatment received – including the length of time you’ve been off work or will be off in the future. We would ask whether you are a trade union member or have legal expenses insurance, as these may entitle you to free or less expensive legal representation. In fact, any evidence that could support your claim is best gathered quickly when the events are still fresh in people’s minds, including documents from previous accidents in similar circumstances.”

“Of course, every case is different and we never forget that for the victim the accident is probably a traumatic once-in-a-lifetime experience and they need to be supported in a friendly, compassionate way,” continues Robert. “However, as experienced personal injury lawyers that have dealt with literally thousands of compensation claims, Swindon Accident Solicitors can make quick and accurate professional judgements on the chances of making a successful claim. That’s what most victims want; they don’t need lots of ongoing stress to add to their injuries or worries caused by the accident.”

Once you have explained the circumstances of your workplace accident in detail, our solicitors will be able to judge how likely your case is to succeed and how much you might be able to claim in compensation. They will also explain to you the legal processes involved in taking your claim further and how you can fund your case.

Swindon Accident Solicitors offer a FREE initial consultation that will review your workplace accident and establish if you have a justifiable claim. Please contact us today on 01793 425595 to arrange an appointment with one of our friendly lawyers. 


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