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ExaggeratedFriday 22 January 2016

Exaggerated Fraud Statistics Discourage Claimants

A national personal injury firm has released its research into the claims made by the Insurance Industry that fraudulent claims are costing the industry and honest drivers millions of pounds.

The alleged fraud epidemic entails organised gangs staging car crashes. A driver will suddenly stop their vehicle, usually with their brake lights disabled, resulting in the unwitting driver behind, colliding with the rear of their vehicle. The devious driver (and passengers) will then claim soft tissue damage, more commonly known as whiplash, raking in thousands of pounds each for an injury that never existed. Negative banner headlines about these frauds have put many potential, honest claimants off making genuine claims and convinced the government to make drastic reforms to the way in which claimants are compensated.

The research conveys that the reality of the situation is a very different picture. Five forces (Thames Valley, City of London, Greater Manchester, Scotland and Northern Ireland) have no data whatsoever relating to “crash for cash”. Derbyshire has undertaken only two investigations into fraudulent road traffic accidents over the past three years. So where is the raw data to back claims of a fraud epidemic and how can the public see it for themselves? The majority of reports published relating to insurance fraud are in fact, generated by none other than the insurance industry themselves.


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