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HealthMonday 19 August 2019

Health and Safety is a serious business, but workers find some rules ‘over the top’.

Swindon Accident Solicitors is wholeheartedly committed to assisting people who have been the victims of workplace accidents through no fault of their own. In some cases, personal claims can be for relatively minor injuries, but other accidents can be devastating and life changing.

Vigorous health and safety legislation and the observance of guidelines are vital in order to protect workers. That said, there are companies with health and safety rules that some workers find excessive.

A survey of 2,000 workers by the international animal charity SPANA found that one in five workers are not allowed to change light bulbs in their workplace. Forms to fill out before using plasters and a ban on birthday cake candles are among other surprising health and safety rules.

Geoffrey Dennis, chief executive of SPANA, which provides free veterinary treatment to working animals in developing countries, said, “Some workers feel that health and safety rules in the workplace have gone too far. It’s positive, however, that employers are taking the physical wellbeing of their staff seriously and there are protections in place to keep them safe.”

One worker noted that a wound as minor as a paper cut was required to be logged in their company’s injuries book. Another was not allowed to change the clocks on the wall to fit in with daylight savings – being forced to call an engineer to complete the task. And another employee was shocked to find that tinsel was banned from their Christmas decorations, “in case someone got tangled up in it”.

Mr Dennis added, “Health and safety rules that are deemed over the top can cause frustration for employees. However, most people in the UK recognise that these policies are there for a reason – and over three-quarters think that we are lucky to have health and safety regulations as workers.”

“Ultimately, everyone wants to go home safely at the end of the day, whether that’s from an office or a building site. For working animals and their owners in developing countries these workplace protections simply don’t exist."

The top 10 unusual health and safety rules

1. Do not wear flip-flops in the office due to safety concerns.
2. Do not change light bulbs.
3. No drinks near a PC or laptop.
4. Do not give each other painkillers, such as paracetamol.
5. No candles on someone’s birthday cake.
6. Do not take a plaster without filling out a form.
7. No turning things off.
8. Do not attempt to remove paper jams from the printer.
9. Do not share food from home, such as cakes, with colleagues due to the potential food poisoning risk.
10. Employees must clock out before engaging in conversation.

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