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StayMonday 27 November 2017

Stay safe on Swindon’s roads this winter

Driving in wintry weather conditions requires special care and attention and luckily, most people take sensible precautions in order to avoid having a road traffic accident. Sadly, there will always be a few reckless drivers who ignore the more hazardous conditions, putting both themselves and other motorists and pedestrians at risk.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident with another motorist who has been driving negligently or even dangerously, then you may have grounds to make a compensation claim against them. If that is the case, Swindon Accident Solicitors’ experienced claims advisors are here to help you with your road traffic accident claim.

At the same time, we are also putting our weight behind winter road safety campaigns in the hope that our town’s more reckless drivers will take note – leaving Swindon’s roads as accident-free as possible.

Here are some tips from Swindon Accident Solicitors on how to approach driving in adverse conditions*.

Before you set off

  • Check fuel levels – keep at least a quarter of a tank in case of unexpected delay.
  • Clear all windows using a scraper and de-icer.
  • Plan routes to favour major roads, which are more likely to be cleared and gritted.
  • Antifreeze only costs a few pounds, but a frozen and cracked engine costs hundreds to repair. Use a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water; this protects your engine down to -34C.
  • Make sure you have a winter breakdown kit: ice scraper, de-icer, torch and spare batteries, warm clothes, high-vis jacket, blankets, first aid kit, jump start cables, empty fuel can, shovel, two reflective warning signs, in-car phone charger, etc.

Driving in wintry conditions

  • Take it slow – with stopping distances up to 10 times longer, gentle manoeuvres are the key to safe driving in ice and snow.
  • Pull away in second gear, easing your foot off the clutch gently to avoid wheel-spin.
  • If you have to use your brakes, apply them gently.
  • Make sure all lights are working and lenses clean.
  • If you have to clear snow, don’t forget the lights – front and back.
  • You must use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced. If you use fog lights, remember to switch them off when visibility improves so they don’t dazzle other drivers.
  • Don't let air out of your tyres to get more grip – it doesn't work, and it’s unsafe.
  • Only use snow chains if there’s enough snow to prevent damage to the road.

The Swindon Accident Solicitors team has vast experience helping people with claims after they have suffered severe injuries in road traffic accidents, and we also know how to secure compensation for people with minor injuries such as whiplash, cuts and bruises.

If you are the victim of an accident and the responsible party is uninsured or untraced (hit and run) then you may still be able to make a claim. Remember there is no charge for talking to one of our experts about what has happened and we will always try to help.

Swindon Accident Solicitors offer a FREE initial consultation that will review your road traffic accident and establish if you have a justifiable claim. Please contact us today on 01793 425595 to arrange an appointment with one of our friendly lawyers. 


*For a comprehensive winter safety checklist, please check the RAC or AA website, or your insurers’ guidelines.




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