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SwindonWednesday 11 October 2017

Swindon Accident Solicitors support ‘Be Seen Not Hurt’ Road Safety Campaign

As experienced solicitors helping people in Swindon with personal injury claims, we have witnessed the devastating effects road accidents can cause. We also know that dealing with accidents involving children can be especially traumatic for everybody involved, especially the parents.

For that reason, Swindon Accident Solicitors are throwing our support behind the ‘Be Seen Not Hurt’ Road Safety Campaign week organised by The Child Brain Injury Trust, which this year takes place from October 30th to November 5th.

Whether they’re holding mum’s hand, scooting on ahead or cycling on their own, it’s vitally important that children are safe while they travel to and from school. The Child Brain Injury Trust is a charity that supports children with acquired brain injuries. These can be caused by a number of things, including road traffic collisions, bike and scooter accidents.

Whilst it is an amazingly powerful organ, the brain is also very vulnerable. Though bones may heal and scars may fade, a brain injury is with you for life, affecting everything you think, feel and do. That’s why it’s important that we all take extra steps to protect our brains.

“When the clocks go back on October 26th, it’s more important than any other time of the year to ‘be seen’,” says Stephanie Nunley of Swindon Accident Solicitors. “It is especially important for children to wear the right clothing when cycling. For them to remain safe, other road users must be able to see them.”

The Be Seen, Not Hurt campaign is a way of highlighting this important message of road safety which culminates with the annual Glow Day on Friday November 3rd. Whether you plan to hold an ‘80s theme day with luminous leg warmers, organize a brightly coloured Cake Sale or just wave a glow stick around, The Child Brain Injury Trust will support you on Glow Day and promote your activities.

As Stephanie concludes: “By getting involved with the Be Seen Not Hurt campaign you will help this important charity to continue providing vital support for families coping with life after their child’s brain is injured. It’s a noble cause and one Swindon Accident Solicitors is proud to support.”

Follow Swindon Accident Solicitors’ tips to be bright and stay visible

  • Wear brightly coloured and reflective clothing, even when cycling in daylight
  • Attach lights or reflectors to coats, school bags, bikes, scooters and helmets
  • Wearing reflective clothing will reflect light from car and bike headlamps making sure you are easily seen
  • When walking in areas with very poor or no lighting it is safest to carry a torch – most phones are now equipped with one

Swindon Accident Solicitors is the leading personal injury and accident claims specialist in the Swindon area. Children can make claims up to the age of 21 for accidents that occurred before they were 18. However, until a child is 18 an adult must make the claim for them. Whatever the circumstances, we will work hard to ensure that your child gets the compensation they are entitled to.



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