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WorkplaceThursday 31 January 2019

Workplace accidents come in all shapes and sizes, as does financial compensation for victims.

Butcher, baker, candlestick maker. Regardless of their profession, every worker has the right to go to work every day secure in the knowledge that their employer will do everything possible to keep them safe and healthy.

The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act offers substantial protection for UK workers, but no matter what precautions are put in place, accidents at work can and do happen under varying circumstances. In fact, accidents at work are second only to road traffic accidents in the amount of compensation claimed each year.

Injuries caused by workplace accidents can range in severity from minor sprains to broken bones, amputations, burns and even fatalities. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident at work, Swindon Accident Solicitors will use all their vast experience to help you file a claim for compensation.

Here are some examples of UK claims that resulted in financial compensation for the victims, whose names are reserved for the sake of privacy.

Victim A slipped and fell on a freshly mopped floor at work. As a result of his fall he banged his head and suffered an epileptic fit; was unable to return to work – £300,000 compensation.

Victim B was involved in an accident at work when she fell from a ladder fracturing her ankle. The injury left her in constant pain, and she required numerous surgical procedures to repair the joint - £300,000 compensation.

Victim C had three surgeries after suffering an injury to her left knee whilst manually handling a defective hoover down a flight of stairs - £275,000 compensation.

Victim D was employed as a labourer when he was injured when a colleague suddenly reversed a work vehicle while his arm was resting on the open passenger door; he suffered severe crush injuries and fractures - £240,000 compensation.

Victim E was laying a concrete floor at a construction site when the heel of his foot caught on a steel stud; he fell through the opening in the floor falling over 14 feet - £90,000 compensation.

Victim F was working as a delivery driver when he badly injured his back at a delivery to a supermarket because the van hadn’t been loaded correctly - £51,000

Victim G sustained an injury to her back in a warehouse when she lifted a sack of potatoes weighing 25 kilos - £20,000 compensation.

Victim H was injured in an accident at work when his hand came in to contact with machinery - £11,000 compensation.

Victim I suffered from a laceration to his knee when working as a tree surgeon; his employer had never put him through any training to use a chainsaw - £7,000 compensation.

Victim J sustained a hernia in the course of his work, when removing a door from the roof rack of a van - £5,175 compensation.

Victim K suffered an accident at work when a ladder fell upon her - £4,800 compensation.

Victim L had an accident at work whilst lifting a piece of equipment; sustained a hernia for which he underwent surgery - £4,500 compensation.

Remember, your employer has a duty to make sure you are safe at work. This is a legal obligation as well as a moral one. That means if you suffer an accident at work you may be entitled to compensation.

If you are successful in a claim, you will be compensated for your injuries and may also be reimbursed any money that you have lost as a result of the accident. For example, perhaps you lost income whilst you were unable to work, had to pay for medication or medical treatment, or had to cancel a holiday.

If you are the victim of an accident at work, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact Swindon Accident Solicitors on 01793 425595.


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