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  • Mr H was involved in a serious road traffic accident when he was run over by a motor cycle crossing the road. Mr H suffered multiple injuries including a head injury that left him unable to work. Mr H required extensive rehabilitation, a full time carer during the day and sleep-over cover during the evening. Mr H also required special housing arrangements and adaptations.

This claim settled for £2 million

  • Mr H slipped and fell on a freshly mopped floor at work. As a result of his fall he banged is head and suffered an epileptic fit. Mr H was unable to return to work.

Claim settled for £300,000

  • Mrs P was involved in an accident at work when she fell from a ladder fracturing her ankle. The injury left Mrs P in constant pain and she required numerous surgical procedures to repair the joint. Mrs P required extensive treatment and rehabilitation but was unable to return to work.

Mrs P's claim settled for £300,000

  • Mrs W slipped on some ice cream left on the floor at a well-known family holiday location. She landed badly on her back and neck causing a serious injury. Two years after the accident Mrs W's problems have not resolved and she was left with permanent symptoms. Mrs W needed help with household chores, gardening and DIY which she was no longer able to do. It also affected her ability to earn an income.

Mrs W was awarded £80,000

  • Mrs J was involved in a rear end shunt type road traffic accident. As a result of the accident Mrs J suffered severe whiplash type injuries. She was unable to work for a short period of time and required a hire car for over a month while her own vehicle was repaired.

Mrs J's claim settled for £8,000

  • Mr J was involved in a road traffic accident. Mr J suffered from whiplash type injuries that caused him problems for one year. Mr J did not lose any wages but did require the benefit of two courses of physiotherapy.

Mr J's claim settled for £2,000


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